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Help: English

Most of our site should be self-evident.

However, as the text is all in Dutch, some of the details may be less obvious:

To return at any moment to the welcome/home page, you can either click on the word Home in the red menu above, or on the logo of the "Volksuniversiteit Geldrop" in the top left-hand corner.

To select a course or lecture etc., you first select a category. In the picture below the red texts give a translation for the categories. Click on the category of your choice and select a subcategory. Then you will get a list of possibilities in the middle. Click on the grey title of the activity of your choice to see all the details.

Most important for foreigners are our courses 'Dutch for foreigners'.
First click in the left column 'Talen' [Languages] and then 'nederlands' [Dutch]
You will see the following image, without the arrows of course:

You can then click on the grey course title of your choice and see all the details, both in
Dutch and English, like below.

In the picture above you see next to the activity code TAN001 "Toevoegen aan mijn aanmeldformulier". If you click on this link your shopping basket will open to show you
which activities you have selected so far. See picture below.
The small arrow shows the activity price for inhabitants of Geldrop-Mierlo, who get a 10% discount.


The two arrows
in the top right-hand corner show the possibility to add [Toevoegen] or delete [Verwijderen] people using the same registration. We recommend, however, that people register  individually as much as is possible.
The delete button deletes extra participants or the complete activity from the list.
The arrow in bottom left-hand corner shows a button to add more activities, the one on the right shows the button to the checkout, where you can fill in the registration form.

You might get a pop-up error message like the one below: then you missed filling one of the mandatory fields. Or you didn't tick the box to agree with the General Conditions.

NOTE!The system does not check your information. So, please, look carefully at all the data you entered before you submit this form (clicking the submit button).
Your e-mail address should NOT contain any spaces and your bank or giro account number should not include dots or blanks [spaces].
We have not finished yet. If everything is OK so far, a message like below will appear:


The bottom half is in English and explains everything.

When you submit the confirmation using the "Inschrijving bevestigen" link in the registration e-mail, either in your internet browser or in your e-mail program, a window opens to thank you for your registration. The bottom half is in English.

When you accidently hit this confirmation link twice, you get a window saying that you already confirmed your registration!


  1. When you do not receive a confirmation e-mail on your registration, please contact our
    administration:  040-2800203.
  2. Do not order any books before you receive our invitation to participate in an activity!
    You will receive such invitation not later than one week before the activity starts.
    If still in doubt: please contact our administration: 040-2800203.
  3. A usefull tool to quickly find what you are looking for is the search box.

    Type the name of what you're looking for in the text box and click on the arrow



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